Mobile Developer Weekend IV - 2017 Highlights

Under the theme “Towards a Mobility World” , Information Technology Institute (ITI) organized and hosted the Mobile Developer Weekend IV in April 2017 to bring together the industry gurus, pioneering experts, aspiring mobile entrepreneurs and developers in formal and informal gatherings to dig deeper in the latest technology trends and top notch mobile activities.

MDW IV was the third round of the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East.
The event has been inspired by the massive updates the mobile industry witnesses, and the critical need to create a platform connecting the industry’s dynamic key players to discuss, collaborate and reflect the industry’s day-to-day developments, opportunities and challenges in an interactive & passion driven environment.

The 3-day forum was attended by 1400+ participants coming from diversified educational background and workplace, yet sharing the same interest in the mobile industry and passion for innovation.

MDW IV participants were engaged in stirring up a global creative buzz through back to back activities include Technology and Applications core sessions, Entrepreneurship Pavilion, Mobile Gadgets Studio, 4 Parallel Hackathons, all happening simultaneously along with interactive training workshops and labs coached by key mobile industry leaders

MDW2017 Activities

MDW IV Technology and Applications Core Sessions

MDW started off with 12 of the core sessions that discussed the latest trends in the mobile world including but not limited to Mobile market trends and opportunities and successful case studies for the mobility solutions in (Transportation, Parking, and Wearable Devices) In addition to the IoT and security.

The sessions were conducted by the industry’s distinguished corporations (Samsung, IBM, Google, 5D, Agile Arena ) and MDW sponsors ( Samsung, IBM, Google, The Chamber of Information Technology and Communications ).

The sessions were received with significant positive feedback and notable appreciation from the MDW participants who have been inspired by the presenters’ talks and the opportunity they have been given for knowledge and idea-sharing.

MDW IV Hands-on Training Workshops

MDW featured unique opportunities in learning and training through 31 successive workshops, hands-on labs and consulting services where MDW participants got enrolled in the workshops of their interests and expertise.

Dedicated interactive workshops focus on different mobile development platforms including the different paradigms of development (native and cross platform), Developing Quality Applications, UI/UX in addition to the Internet of Things, and Wearables. Besides, tackling the Architecture, Agility and Performance Techniques.

Booming Business Before 2020 (BBB20) Entrepreneurship Pavilion

Landing in the pavilion of the Apps where the most profound startups representing the Best Business Before 2020 (BBb20) in the mobile world gathers.

The pavilion brought together the best mobile start-ups and entrepreneurs with investors, accelerators, incubators and corporations from the mobile ecosystem.


In a thrilling environment, participants in MDW2017 had the opportunity to engage in a competitive setup to work on software projects to develop creative and innovative solutions in different kinds of hackathons.

The hackathons went through the three days of the event with the availability to stay overnight to enable the participants to work with their groups on developing their project idea.

The first day was the preparation training part for the hackathons and the last day was the judging day for the different projects developed. The best ideas won valuable prizes from our esteemed sponsors.

The hackathons were:

  • Developing Applications for Samsung Gear S2 - By Samsung.
  • Developing Contents for Samsung Gear VR - By Samsung.
  • Revamping Android Application UI into Material Design - By Google.
  • Developing Android Applications for Beginners - by ITI.

There were 12 Winners who won:
  • 5 Samsung Gear S2
  • 1 Samsung Gear VR
  • 6 Android One Mobiles

High Tech Gadgets Studio

It was how to find the treasure of the future in a live exhibition designed for the top latest mobile gadgets and technology trends where a large pool of innovative, creative and talented minds were gathering to celebrate the technology inventions.

Pioneering industry stakeholders have showcased their cutting-edge products whereby MDW dynamic participants were invited to use them and learn more about the future of the mobile world and get featured in this adventurous gadget world.

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